Non-Standard Construction

Most lenders have guidelines on the kinds of property that are acceptable security for a mortgage. Generally, lenders want to make sure that the property is readily saleable and isn’t likely to have any serious defects in the construction. This tends to favour traditional brick and tile houses. The following are a few examples that some Lenders may find unacceptable or that may require special conditions on the advance:

  • High Rise Flats
  • Concrete construction
  • Steel or Timber Framed properties
  • Farms and smallholdings
  • Flats above shops

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However, at Solution Mortgages, we use a range of specialist lenders who are prepared to lend on such properties.  Therefore if a lender has turned you down because of the construction type of your property don’t hesitate to give us a call.

To find out how we can help, complete the online form – or call us on 0800 035 6443 to speak to one of our experienced staff.