Right To Buy Purchases

Right To Buy (RTB) Purchases in my humble opinion are one of the best ideas the goverment has come up with. This is a scheme where a tenant has the opportunity to purchase their council / housing association property at a discounted price. The discount will usually depend on how long you’ve lived at the property for. i.e. The longer you have lived there the bigger the discount.

For many reasons some cases are more complex than others. We at Solution Mortgages Ltd like to say yes where others say no. In a lot of instances clients arte amazed at the fact we can help them. They have hit so many brick walls and are on the brink of giving up. So much so they usually start the conversation “you probably won’t be able to help”

Here are a few bullet points of areas we can help with where the high street may say no;-

  • Existing or Historic County Court Judgements (CCJ’s)
  • Existing or Historic Defaults
  • Current arrears on unsecured credit
  • Self employed
  • Non Standard Construction
  • Low Credit Score
  • Benefit Income
  • Pensions Income

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain simply click our Apply Now button or call our free phone number 0800 0356443.