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At Solution Mortgages, we have over 20 years experience in helping people secure a Mortgage or Remortgage for a whole range of clients. From the high street borrower with a clean credit history to helping people with bad credit problems such as mortgage arrears, CCJ's, etc. We have products to help with Non-Standard Construction, Buy to Lets, Bridging Finance, Right To Buy, Help To Buy, Self Employed with only 1 years books & so many other products.

Solution Mortgages also have an extensive record of successfully arranging secured loans (Homeowner loans) with the same diversity as for Remortgages and Mortgages. We have market leading rates available to the clients with a good credit history. We also have some excellent rates for the clients with a more complex case such as Adverse Credit, Self Employed with only 1 year books etc.

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We pride ourselves on being able to find a Solution for any scenario. We understand that every deal is different and every deal requires a common sense approach.

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New Purchase

Extremely happy with my service from solution mortgages, they got me a cheaper mortgage what my bank was offering, they did everything for me and I had a mortgage in principle within a few days and a mortgage offer within 2 weeks. If I could give them 6 stars I would!    

Benn & Eddie

Great service for the self employed

Great service for the self employed. Scott’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry was invaluable to help us purchase our dream home.

Mr Marsat

Very helpful and speedy

You were very helpful and speedy in finding a solution that we would not have found for ourselves. You were then very constructive and positive in handling all parts of the process and kept us well informed. We never got the impression you were pressuring us into a solution we could not manage. We would recommend your services to others.

Mr Worth

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Right To Buy Purchases

Right To Buy

Right To Buy (RTB) Purchases in my humble opinion are one of the best ideas the goverment has come up with. This is a scheme where a tenant has the opportunity to purchase their council / housing association property at a discounted price. The discount will usually depend on how long you’ve lived at the property for. i.e. The longer…


Non Standard Construction

At Solution Mortgages ltd we can help where others can’t in so many areas. The area we are focusing on here is the Non Standard Construction issue. So many people are being turned away due to their construction type, many of whom have plenty of equity and are getting frustrated by everyone telling them no. We have a number of…


Is the recovery coming?

Is the recovery coming? This is a question my clients continuously ask me. They seem to be getting more anxious and frustrated every day. Especially the clients who have loads of equity but may not meet the strict affordability requirements. They may also have bad credit which lenders are simply not interested in at the moment. I watched a programme…


You can Remortgage your house to raise cash funds that can be used to in a number of ways, for instance, to clear credit card debt, finance home improvement or make a significant purchase such a holiday or a car.

To find out how we can help raise a remortgage, complete the short online form or call us on 0800 035 6443 to speak to one of our experienced staff.  Find out what Solution Mortgages can do for you.  Find out how Solution Mortgages can help you.

Adverse Credit Remortgage

Solution Mortgages specialise in arranging adverse credit remortgages, regardless of your financial circumstances. Whether you have a poor credit rating, arrears on your current mortgage, CCJs or been made bankrupt, Solution Mortgages should still be able to find an adverse credit remortgage to suit your needs. We use a range of specialist lenders who will consider applications from potential borrowers looking for an adverse credit remortgage with sufficient justification.

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Bad Credit Remortgage

If you need a bad credit remortgage, due to a poor credit rating, arrears on your current mortgage, CCJs or you have been made bankrupt, we should be able to find a bad credit remortgage to suit your needs. Solution Mortgages use a panel of specialist lenders who will consider applications for a bad credit remortgage from potential borrowers.

Poor Credit Remortgage

If you have a poor credit rating, Solution Mortgages should still be able to arrange a poor credit remortgage, regardless of your credit history. Using the most up to date technology we will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right poor credit remortgage to suit your needs. Once you have chosen your poor credit remortgage, Solution Mortgages will process the application for you, dealing with any third parties on your behalf including surveyors and solicitors, in fact, all the way through to completion.

Adverse Remortgage

Solution Mortgages can arrange for you an adverse remortgage, even if you have been turned down by other lenders. We will do everything we can to find you a lender who can provide an adverse remortgage to suit your needs. Once you have chosen your adverse remortgage we will aim to complete the application in the shortest possible time.