Case Study – Can I get a mortgage with a Non Standard Construction Property?

A client came to us recently looking to raise £20,000 against a mortgage-free property. They had been declined on two counts.

1 – Their property is Timber framed and considered Non-Standard Construction.

2 – They had some historic defaults and CCj’s registered in the last two years.

When we told them that we had a solution, they couldn’t believe it and admitted they had all but given up on their dream of a new kitchen and bathroom.

We have a very diverse range of products from our panel of lenders who can help in almost all scenarios. When discussing Non-Standard Construction, we have to look at very specialist lenders as the conventional lenders will always say no. They only wish to lend on the standard brick cavity walls etc.

If you are repeatedly turned down, it might be worth you calling one of our highly specialist advisers on our freephone 0800 0356443 or apply online