Debt Consolidation

Solution Mortgages specialise in arranging you a debt consolidation remortgage, regardless of your financial circumstances.

Whether you have a poor credit rating, arrears on your current mortgage, CCJ´s or been made bankrupt, Solution Mortgages should still be able to find a debt consolidation remortgage to suit your needs.

Debt consolidation is for people who have multiple payments across a wide range of
credit. The interest rate on loans and credit cards will be higher than that on a mortgage.

By raising the capital on a mortgage to pay off the other loans and credit cards you will be able to reduce your payments and make life easier.

We use a range of specialist lenders that will consider applications from potential borrowers looking for a debt consolidation remortgage.

If you are considering a debt consolidation remortgage, please feel free to speak to Solution Mortgages today on 0845 123 1260 or apply on line at