Remortgaging with poor credit

Many people in the UK are struggling with poor credit, CCJs (County Court Judgements) or bankruptcy. Unfortunately, people with poor credit rating are finding it increasingly difficult to get access to funds during the so called credit crunch.

Remortgaging with poor credit should be viewed as a means to help people improve their credit history and recover from bankruptcy, but the biggest problem for such individuals is finding funds in the interim. One of the simplest ways to get funding (despite a poor credit rating) is looking to remortgage with poor credit (poor credit remortgage)

A poor credit remortgage is essentially a secured secured loan. Much like a secured loan, the remortgaged property is used as collateral, and allows people with poor credit history or CCJs, access to release funds to consolidate existing debts.

Remortgaging with poor credit (poor credit remortgage) is that even people with a poor credit history and an existing mortgage can get access to much needed finance. Although, finding a lender that offers poor credit remortgage can be a difficult, as you will usually need to go through a broker to find them.

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