Solution Mortgage's bad credit remortgages

When looking for a bad credit remortgage you can search for suitable options online such as Solution Mortgages and many websites allow applicants to apply for a bad credit remortgage online. Before committing to anything, make sure you understand the type of mortgage you are being offered and the various payment options available.

Solution Mortgages can take care of every aspect of your remortgage and can make it easy to find a bad credit remortgage to suit your needs. Solution Mortgages take care of everything from the initial research to third party surveyor visits.

Once you are comfortable with the deal you are being offered, we can either visit you and explain and complete all the paperwork with you or send everything to you in the post. Any queries can then be directed to us over the phone.

A bad credit remortgage is one of the most cost effective means of finding a source of cash. There is no denying the interest rates involved are a little higher than a regular mortgage (prime mortgage) but compared to other unsecured options bad credit remortgage is by far the cheaper option in terms of interest rate, but remember it is secured against your property.

It is also important to understand that unless you are confident of making your payments on time, you should not consider applying for bad credit remortgage as you will lose your home eventually. You should use a bad credit remortgage to repair your credit.

If you are considering a bad credit remortgage, please feel free to contact Solution Mortgages on 0845 123 1260 or apply on line at