Mortgage market outlook

At Solution Mortgages we like to keep people informed as to what is going on in the mortgage market and how it is effecting our clients.

The market continues to fluctuate and is still struggling to cope with the events of the past 9 months. A clear indication of just how hard the financial environment really is can be seen daily in the financial press as lenders, large and small, battle to resolve their own liquidity problems.

However, the recent cash injection by the Bank of England into the UK financial system is a positive move for the industry, and conditions may be stabilizing with some large institutions making moves to sell off some of their more highly rated leveraged loans.

The market will recover, and it is likely that things will be very different as this takes place. However, many commentators including the Bank of England (BOE) now believe that we are bumping along the bottom of this crisis and hopefully we can now say that the worst is behind us.

There will undoubtedly be some further difficulty along the way, but tentative signs of recovery can now be seen.

Our completion figures for April 2008 were relatively high and our completion times from initial contact to completion stood at an average of 18 working days which in the current climate is extremely good. For those people looking for a fast remortgage you can see that we will not disappoint.

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