Need a secured loan

Are you in need of a secured loan?

Do you want to consolidate your existing credit cards and loans to bring your monthly payments down and make things more manageable?

Are you tied in on your existing mortgage and will have to pay a large penalty if you remortgage now, but still would like to consolidate your credit?

If so a secured loan may be for you.

A secured loan is in addition to your mortgage and is secured to your property.

You can borrow any amount from £5000.00 up to £100,000.00 and as the loan is secured to your property the interest rates offered are usually less then personal loans or credit cards.

Even if you have a bad credit history you may still qualify.

The other attraction of secured loans is that if you wish to redeem the loan at any point you will only pay one months interest as a penalty on redemption.

If you are interested in a secured loan, please feel free to contact Solution Mortgages on 0845 123 1260 or apply online at