7 Reasons to choose a secured loan

Secured loans are still a popular way of raising finance against your property. Although the number of lenders who operate in this area has dwindled due to the credit crunch there are still options available. Solution Loans has access to all available lenders in this marketplace.

Here are seven reasons to choose a secured loan:-

Avoid re-mortgaging at a higher rate

No need to pay high early redemption penalties on an existing mortgage

Cheaper to arrange, with no upfront fees

Alternative methods of income calculations used to determine affordability

Takes less time from application to payout than a typical re-mortgage

Joint income of up to four applicants can be considered

Self cert income allowed to high LTV

If you are interested in applying for a secured loan, please feel free to contact Solution Loans on 0845 128 4446 or visit us online at https://www.solution-mortgages.co.uk/