Sale and rent back

Sale and rent back is a service that Solution Mortgages have access to and is another service in which we can help people remain in their homes.

You may not want to leave your home because of children in school, because of family ties or because you have carried out improvements to the property.

You may be retiring and be in need of some extra income or you may have debts that you need to clear. Whatever your reasons we can help.

The benefits of using sale and rent back are:

You and your family remain in your home and do not have to move

Nobody gets to know your business

You can release equity from your property

You can clear crippling unsecured debts

You no longer have to pay a mortgage, rental payments are almost always lower

You no longer have to pay for maintenance and building insurance on your home

No two sets of circumstances are exactly the same and we reflect this in our flexible approach to finding solutions. Some of the extra features we can offer are:

Reduced (or even zero) rental payments for a period

Help with home improvements

The option to buy your property back with NO FEES and NO DEPOSIT to pay – we can even arrange the mortgage

Sale and rent back with the option to buy back is a popular choice with our clients.

Using this service you can sell your home quickly to clear debts and release equity.

You continue to live in your home and you have the option to buy back your home at an agreed price. So if your situation changes and you decide you would like to own the property once more, you can!

Remember there are no obligations, so give us a call now on 0845 128 4446 to find out more about sale and rentback or click on the call me back button on our website