Do not ignore mortgage problems

Borrowers who are concerned that they may be unable to meet their mortgage repayments should not ignore the issue.

You need to make every effort to speak to your existing lender and advise them of the problem. They can only help if they know about the situation.

There are range of options that you could come to with your lender such as switching to interest only if you are on a capital repayment mortgage etc but you need to speak to your lender first, preferably before you miss a payment.

There are also other possibilities of re-scheduling the loan or extending the term of your mortgage or you may even be able to agree a payment holiday if your mortgage provider will allow this.

Each option can be explored and tailored to suit each individuals circumstances.

You can also speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau about your issues who may be able to help.

Whatever you do do not bury your head in the sand.

If you anticipate incurring mortgage arrears you may also feel free to call Solution Mortgages for free information about how you can deal with the situation on 0845 123 1260.