Make your home work for you


Are you aged 50 or over?

Would you like to release equity from your home safely and securely, without having to leave?

Solution Mortgages would like to introduce you to SYH Charterhouse, who offers a Home Reversion plan that allows you to stay in your home for the rest of your life and release a substantial cash sum.

There are two options available – both allow you to release money from your home yet stay there for life. This is through a secure lifetime tenancy that is guaranteed through a lifetime lease.

The Rental Home Reversion Plan means you sell your home in return for a generous cash sum and rent it back at a discounted rent. You are granted the right to continue living in your home – for life.

The Standard Home Reversion Plan allows you to sell your property for a slightly smaller cash lump sum, whilst still guaranteeing the right to remain there rent-free for life through the secure lifetime tenancy.

Reasons to release equity with SYH Charterhouse Home Reversion

People release the equity from their home for a number of reasons. You may want to release cash for home improvements, a new car, to buy a holiday home, or that dream holiday! You may just want to get your hands on a large sum of cash to pay off a mortgage or other debts, or to help out family or dependents.

Whatever the reason, SYH Charterhouse may be able to help you. Their Home Reversion products are available to people aged 50 plus – and for joint applications, if one partner is over 50, the other can be as young as 45!

Key benefits of Home Reversion

• A tax-free lump sum – to use as you wish!
• You have the right to remain in your home for the rest of your life.
• No worries about future house prices or interest rates – Home Reversion is not a mortgage.
• Predictable costs.

Key things to consider with Home Reversion
• Your tax position may alter.
• Your entitlement to any means-tested benefits may be affected.
• Your estate may be reduced – reducing the inheritance you can leave to any dependents.

Let us introduce you to SYH Home Reversion now – call Solution Mortgages on 0845 123 1260, and we will arrange for them to contact you.

Solution Mortgages acts as an introducer to SYH Charterhouse, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to arrange Home Reversion Plans.

This is a Home Reversion Plan arranged by SYH Charterhouse Ltd. The Home Reversion Plan offered allows you to remain in your home and sell it to a reversion provider for a cash lump sum. As a result your estate may be reduced and means tested benefits affected.

To understand the full features and risks, please ask for a Personalised Illustration. If you do go ahead with the Home Reversion Plan, an administration fee of £300 is payable to SYH Charterhouse upon application.