Have you been turned down for a remortgage or secured loan?

At Solution Mortgages, we have a new facility available which may benefit you if you were looking to raise finance but have been turned down for a remortgage or secured loan.

Available through Solution Mortgages, loans are available as follows:-

Loans available between £7,500.00 – £18,000.00

Employed / Self-Employed & Contract Workers accepted

Mortgage Arrears Accepted

Homeowners only

No Equity in Property required

Funds are secured by way of an equitable charge on your property. If you have recently been declined a remortgage or secured loan, please feel free to call Solution Mortgages on 0845 123 1260 or apply online at https://www.solution-mortgages.co.uk/ by completing the call me back form.

Please note we will need your bank details – i.e. Name, Sort Code, Account No and Time at Bank. Decisions on lending may take up to 24 hours.