Need a secured loan?

Are you in need of a secured loan?

A secured loan is designed for homeowners only and allows you to use the equity in your property as security. The equity in your property can be unlocked and turned into cash to be used for virtually any reasonable use.

Unlike a remortgage with the majority of secured loans there are no survey costs or solicitors fees to pay.

We have a range of plans with attractive rates and repayment terms of up to 25 years to choose from. Typical rates are 11.4% APR variable.

With most of our secured loans we can offer a flexible repayment scheme where you have the choice to pay as little as the minimum repayment or to make extra payments if you wish. Making extra payments each month may reduce the amount of interest payable and the number of installments you need to make.

If you are interested in applying for a secured loan (homeowner loan) please feel free to call Solution Mortgages on 0845 123 1260 or apply online at