Are you hitting a brick wall when trying to raise finance with a poor credit rating?

Here at Solution Mortgages Limited we appreciate the problems caused with having a poor credit rating. It can be a very daunting task especially when every where you try you get rejected. Unfortunately we live in very difficult times where lenders are still licking there wounds in the wake of the largest financial melt down since records began.

We at Solution Mortgages have over 15yrs of experience in this field. We give specialist support when arranging poor credit re-mortgages or purchases. We have a panel of lenders here that can deal with a number of issues. Here are a few listed below;-

  • CCJ's accepted
  • Defaults ignored
  • Mortgage arrears 2 in 12
  • Discharged bankruptcies
  • Completed IVA's
  • Non-standard construction properties
  • BTL's up to 85% LTV
  • Homeowner Loans

If you would like some help with arranging a mortgage or re-mortgage with a poor credit rating or want some information on the above please call 0845 1231260 or visit our website on